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Here is a sampling of CD covers LTrain Designs have designed primarily for fun with all images being used for personal enjoyment.

Apocalyptica Apolyptica
Mary Graves - A Very Mary Christmas A Mary Christmas
Beastie Boys - Out Sound From Way In Beastie Boys
out sounds
from way in
Jenn's 30th Birthday Jennifer

Frenchy Fuqua Frenchy Fuqua
Train is Gone
Beastie Boys - Acapella Beastie Boys
Blink 182 Blink 182
Pinched Tunes
Red Hot Chili Peppers RHCP
Permanent Tracks
De La Soul De La Soul
Attack! of the
killer beats!
High Top Fade High Top Fade
Various Rap
Soundgarden Soundgarden
Greatest Hits
Green Day Green Day
Fight Club Fight Club
and more
BS2000 The Adrock Experience Van Halen Van Halen
1 David
2 Sammy
Biz Markie Biz Markie
Portrait of an Artist
Surf MCs Surf MC's
and others
Rage Against The Machine Rage Against the Machine
Old School Rap Old School
Various Rap
Pearl Jam Pearl Jam Supersonic Twenty Metallica Metallica
Side Show
Brooklyn Brooklyn
MCA & Tom Cushman
Rap Singles Rap Sinlges 1980s - 1990s Public Enemy Public Enemy $5.98 Parking Garage EP
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