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About LTrain Designs
What is LTrain Designs?

LTrain Designs is a Graphic Design company that was founded by Lauren Melton. Lauren has worked as a freelance designer since May 1995, but it was not until March 2001 that LTrain Designs was formed. Since then LTrain Designs has grown every year and has a well rounded list of clients.

Designs and Computer Training

Lauren went to school at Texas Tech University and in 1995 received a degree in Design Communications with a minor in Packaging. Since then, he has been working in the print and web industries creating everything from websites to packaging. A couple of the companies Lauren has worked at are The Ad Place in Dallas and JCPenney Direct Marketing Services in Plano. Right now, Lauren has a full-time job working on website and email campaigns for AEGON Direct Marketing Services (AEGON DMS which bought JCPenney Direct Marketing Services in May 2001).

Brick and Morter Location

LTrain Designs is located in Frisco, Texas a suburb of the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. Since you found us somehow, you know the internet reaches everywhere so it should be apparent LTrain Designs has clients nation-wide. (We are still waiting on that international client, let your company be the first).

Design Web History of LTrain Designs

The website you are looking at now is version 3.0 of LTrain See the old designs of LTrain Designs and tell us what you think about any of them.

LTrain Designs v1.0
LTrain Designs -Flash v1.0

LTrain Designs v2.0
LTrain Designs - Green Bean v2.0

LTrain Designs v3.0
LTrain Designs- New 3.0

Employment Opportunities

LTrain Designs is not hiring at the moment, but you may send in your information or resume as there are always opportunities on the horizon. Please include any urls of your work.

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